Should I use a Buyers Brokerage?

The SHORT ANSWER IS... When making a substantial Real Estate investment, using a real estate brokerage that works exclusively for you just makes sense.

A Buyer Brokerage is different from a traditional real estate brokerage. They do not list property for sale so have no obligations to Sellers. The goals and objectives of a Buyers Brokerage are the same as the Buyer's goals.

Advice provided by the Consumer Federation of America's report Changes in Real Estate Agent Representation: Implications for Consumers by Stephen Brobeck, Executive Director: "To Buyers: if you want representation, work with a buyer broker. They are legally obligated to represent your interest in any negotiations with Sellers."

When a Buyer chooses to work with a Buyer Brokerage they can choose a company that can provide true Agency representation and a dedicated buyer specialist protecting their interest every step of the way.